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Keeping These Common Tree Problems at Bay

As the seasons change, they initiate a lot of changes in trees and plants. Trees, specifically, may undergo several alterations. However, not every change is good. During certain periods, insects and diseases get active and it is important to stay vigilant. If you are proactive and do not let issues go out of hand, you will ensure that your trees stay healthy throughout the year. Keep a look out for some of these things:

Tree leaves turning brown – during seasons when your trees should give green leaves, if they exhibit brown colored leaves then that is an issue. If you see a lot of  leaves turning brown from the veins at the time of budding, you must consider fungal disease as a problem. The most likely is Anthracnose. It normally blooms in crisp, wet spring weather. If you want to save the tree, make sure you seek specialized medication. It is during these times that you require professional help by your side.

2. You find something stic…