To-Dos: Your June Home Checklist

Summer officially starts on June 20th, but why wait till then to get into the spirit of summer? Get a head start by prepping your garden and house, setting the right drip-dry spot for pool towels, changing the kitchen, etc.

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1. The irrigation system: Faulty irrigation hose or sprinklers that go unnoticed can cause a lot of problems for your garden and lawn. Make sure you check every component once a week, particularly during the summer.

2. Screen doors: Get screen doors to make sure you enjoy the summer breeze. Inspect screens carefully, and patch holes as required.

3. Empty stagnant water on a regular basis: The best way for keeping mosquitoes down is by checking your house for any standing water and clearing it. Even a bucket of water can create a mosquito nursery, so make sure you do not leave buckets upright.

4. Reorganize your kitchen: Changing seasons are a good time to re-consider how you’ve arranged things in the kitchen. If you use a lot of small appliances in the warmer weather (such as a blender to make smoothies), make sure you move them to a more convenient location, as you are likely to make use of them a lot. Create stations dedicated to specific purposes. In case you have kids on summer vacation, make a counter stocked with self-help snacks. You can also create a cold coffee bar or a station dedicated to smoothie-making.

5. Summer crafts: A station dedicated to arts and crafts can offer a creative outlet and screen-free entertainment— and it is not only for children! You can always inspire and re-energize yourself by indulging in one of your hobbies.

6. Lighten the d├ęcor: Make sure you take away all the heavy rugs, put cooling linen sheets and crisp percale on the beds, and buy lighter hued accents for the coming months. Light white curtains will certainly look cool during summers, but in case the weather is expected to get very hot, you can leave heavy curtains in place. Close the shades when it’s extremely sunny to keep the house cool.

7. Refresh your bathroom: If your shower curtain looks shabby or your bath towels are stained, it is time to change them! Give a makeover to your bathroom by swapping out your old bath linens for fluffy, fresh towels, and more. You can use a fancy laundry basket and containers to keep toiletries neatly.

8. Schedule an outdoor project: It does not matter if you wish to get a new patio or wish to replace the deck, book a professional landscaping expert for the project. Their schedules tend to fill up very fast during the summer.

With just a little trimming, you can make summers more fun and beautiful.