To-Dos: Spring Home Checklist

March 20 is marked as the first official day of spring. So even if the plants are leafless or if there is snow, you can stay reassured that nice weather is just around the corner. Bring in the new season with spring cleaning, flowers and some dirt in your fingernails!

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With the changing weather, start putting away woolen hats and mittens and make some room for those spring boots. Make sure you replace or clean the doormat, pack the hangers or hooks, and put your umbrella holder out. A clean tray of boot lined with stones will help drain water from wet footwear.

Remove winter layers

Are duvets making you uncomfortably warm? Swap the thick bedding for coverlets and quilts that are lighter in weight. Also change deep-pile rugs for natural-fiber or flat-weave versions.

Clean up the patio furniture

Winters can leave the outdoor furniture grimy, so make sure you give it a proper scrubbing before you start to use it for the season. Launder all the washable cushion covers and replace the torn and worn-out pieces.

Sharpen your garden and lawn tools

Sharp tools help to get the job done. Take your clippers and lawn mowers in for tune-up and get them sharpened before you start work inside your garden.

Dust baseboards and high corners

Using a duster or vacuum attachment of your choice, get rid of cobwebs and dust from those low and high spots that are often missed at the time of routine cleaning.

Garden planning

It’s now time to get your garden ready for spring! Make a plan and list down ideas of plantings, and any designs you have for variations of the hardscape, such as putting up a fence or creating a brand-new path. Pick seedlings from the local nursery. Check out botanical gardens where you can find native plants. You can also hire a landscaping expert for best results.

Spring blooms

Spring flowers including daffodils are inexpensive and plentiful this month, so make sure you get good bargains. And in case you have flowers growing in your garden, why don’t you cut some and enjoy their beauty indoors?

Planting trees

Fall and spring are the best times for planting trees as cooler temperatures and wet weather make it very easy for root systems to establish. Make sure you contact a good nursery to understand which species can work best in your climate and also get detailed instructions for planting.

Inspect the exterior of your house for winter damage. After the passing of winter storms, inspect the outside area carefully. This is the right time to repair any damage caused by ice. Ice dams tend to form when the home’s edges are colder than the higher regions. One of the best ways of preventing them is by upgrading ventilation and insulation within the attic.

Once you check out all the points given in this check-list you can sit back and enjoy a pleasant spring-time outdoors.