7 Reasons why you should hire an Arborist this Winter

With the setting in of the winter season, the last thing you may be thinking about is your yard. However, to speak the truth, winter is the best time to tend trees. Before you decide to ignore the backyard project during wintertime, consider the following reasons why it IS the right time to hire an arborist to trim your trees.

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Trees that grow fast often have weak wood; they are prone to decay with limbs that break too easily in ice and wind. It is important to get these trees in the right shape to avoid unnecessary accidents or property damage.

2. Convenience

Just as we get extremely busy with outdoor projects in spring and summer, so do arborists. However, if you schedule trimming during winter, you are sure to find an arborist, as they are not so very busy then.

3. Price

If you had to pay a lot last spring for maintenance of your trees, it was so because the job was not season sensitive. Winter is not spring or summer: most tree services have slow business during the winter season, and may give you an attractive discount.

4. Tree health

As maintained by arborists (= specialists in the cultivation of trees), the colder the weather, the better it is for trees. Bacteria, fungi, and bugs are not active during the cold weather. Trim your trees and support their health by getting rid of dying or dead branches, injured by insects, mites, birds, animals, storms, disease or even uncaring people.

5. Better visibility

Cold temperatures and no leaf cover make the right time for tree maintenance: arborists can observe closely the structure and the health condition of trees, figure out problems more easily and carry out solutions.

6. Between growing seasons

Trees and plants are dormant during the winter season: it means you can notice fresh injuries or wounds for a short while before it’s spring, when new growth starts hiding wounds. You can thus take the necessary remedial steps.

7. Better access

Frozen ground helps an arborist to have better access to difficult areas, which need the use of equipment.

A big exception when it comes to pruning during winter is spring-flowering trees. You should prune them as soon as they drop the blooms in late spring; this is because they bloom on wood formed the previous year.

When looking for an arborist, make sure you check their credentials. Preferably, they should have a membership of the American Society of Consulting Arborists, the Tree Care Industry Association, or your local or state arborists’ association.

Avoid hiring people who do door-to-door canvassing, unless they can prove their qualifications. Reputed and experienced arborists are always busy and they do not go door to door asking for work.

You can also search for a reliable landscaping expert over the internet. Plenty of forums are there to give you genuine advice. You can also ask your family and friends for suggestions.