Adding Curb Appeal : Do’s and Don’ts

Curb appeal is the visual charm of a house when observed from the road. It is the lure of the exterior of a property. Start making your landscape and exterior enticing, not only to add to the beauty of the house but also to increase its property value.

Things you should do

1. Enhance the look of the front door

Painting a door afresh in green, red, blue or any favorite color adds a distinctive vibe to the ambience of the house. A generic wreath can embellish its look in contrast with the lackluster appearance of many a front door. Polish the metal knockers, doorknobs, or bells.

2. Shape the front yard

Trim bushes, hedges, and any grass that has developed over the paths or sidewalks. Fill containers with colorful, bright, blooming flowers.

3. Add mulch

Decorate the flowerbeds with protective covering and beauty barks.

4. Add lights

Prospective buyers and visitors like a well-lit path. Choose solar lights to add to the appeal of the house.

5. Change numbers

It is best to install numbers that are big and pretty enough for making a good impression on responders in terms of visibility and appeal.

6. Driveway

Upgrade the concrete if the old floor is cracked, and apply a new load of gravel to get a fresh look.

7. Install a new mailbox

It is time to get rid of the old mailbox if it’s chipped, dented or doesn’t close correctly. Try to get one that locks so that the mail stays safe.

8. Installing art

Add objects such as wind chimes, water feature, birdbaths, or sculptures that fit well into your garden. Make sure you add weather-resistant pieces.

Remember, not everything you do enhances the appeal of your curb. Therefore, make sure you plan your strategy for avoiding distracters.

Things you should not do

1. Providing a confusing entrance

You do not want visitors or potential buyers to get confused about which door is the front door. It is important that you provide an entrance, which is warm, obvious, and inviting.

2. Planting Annuals

Make sure you do not plant annuals that bloom just once. Plant instead a mix of perennials for evergreen foliage and blooms that can beautify and power up your landscape all year round.

3. Following bizarre trends

Hardscaping the whole yard, using mulch and trimming the hedges into weird shapes are all turnoffs for potential buyers.

4. Deviating from the neighborhood style

Do not deviate too much from the neighborhood style: it is good to build something that harmonizes with the rest of the surroundings. You do not want to be the odd one out.

5. Planting too close to the house or walkways

Hedges that hang over walkways or paths look messy. Trees that appear small when planted can grow large and may disturb the foundation.

Adding some appeal to your curb should not mean breaking up the ground. With the tips given above, you can add to the beauty of your yard without literally breaking the ground. Do you need assistance with a curb appeal project? Consult a reputed landscaping expert for professional help in embellishing your yard.