Great Ideas for Drought-tolerant Landscaping

There are so many ways you can ditch thirsty turf grass in favor of easy-care, beautiful gardens. Here are a few ideas for drought-tolerant landscaping you may find exciting.

A Zen retreat

Create tranquility in a yard that remains beautiful year round. Line the drive with asparagus ferns. Use dogwoods and Japanese maples to provide shade, softness, and color. The planting beds can be covered with tumbled glass in different shades of green and blue.

A birding paradise

Lay a sheet of decomposed granite. Plant pink-blooming Cistus, purple Ceanothus, and orange Leucospermum. Shrubs can offer privacy from the street, while shorter ground covers and perennial plants can make the space feel lusher. You can use toyon and ribes to provide berries for the birds.

Desert front yard

Replace your lawn with grasses that are drought-tolerant; add young trees beside your front door.

A yard full of succulents

You can use a variety of succulents to add color and texture to your yard. Use different varieties of aloes, aeonium, Agave attenuata, Bulbine frutescens, and blue Senecio mandraliscae.

Low maintenance yard

Easy-care materials and plants tend to create a low-maintenance garden that does not require care. Use durable furnishings, no-fuss flooring, bulletproof plants, and other details to create an easy-to-care yard.

An eco-conscious landscape

Permeable paving helps rainwater to percolate into the soil easily. Paths should be covered with gravel, while patio should be made of decomposed granite.

Extend the season by adding butterfly weed, Mexican lobelia and coral fountain with California natives for summer color.

‘No mow’ grasses

Some grasses have the ability to live on rainfall alone and need to be mowed just once twice a year to keep clean and tidy.

‘All natural’ yard

Plant many natives to attract birds. Install a winding path bordered by beautiful wild lilacs, 'Bee's Bliss' salvia, and purple tree mallow. All these plants are low-water plants.

Best drought tolerant plants

1. Sunset Strain

This bloomer boasts of evergreen foliage and is around ten inches wide. It looks great in rock gardens.

2. Cape Blanco

Small blue-green leaves create tight rosettes on stems. This beauty from California makes a great cover for ground.

3. Lavandula multifida

It offers felty silver foliage that reaches three feet wide. Violet blooms sprout from spring to fall.

4. Libertia peregrinans

Stiff, thin orangey blades of this plant grow two feet tall. Clusters of white flowers sprout during summer and spring.

5. Angelina

Tiny chartreuse leaves bloom on stems that are approximately six inches tall. This succulent spreads freely and is a fluffy filler in-between other flora. It also makes a great groundcover.

6. Voodoo

Rounded, small burgundy leaves cover the quick-spreading, low-​growing succulent from the Caucasus. Red colored flowers sprout during summers.

There are so many ways to make a yard look beautiful while ensuring less water for its maintenance. Use these ideas without hesitation: you can surely create a drought-tolerant and yet a beautiful landscape.