Hiring a Landscaping Expert: 7 Questions you must ask

It can be stressful to design your outdoor space yourself; however, selecting a landscaping expert who would do that for you need not be so hard. Here are seven essential questions you need to ask before you embark on the project. You get convincing answers, and you are done with it.

1. What can we achieve with this vacant space?

This question should lead to the following: the landscaping expert visits first your site; examines its complexity; notes where the sun falls; studies soil quality, existing features and the boundaries; proposes an attractive design that satisfies your needs and dreams.

2. How do you go about a project proposal?

Different landscaping experts have different styles of work. Some experts click snapshots of the entire site, and take a day or two before coming up with a design on paper; some others propose a rough concept on the spot and initiate a discussion with you.

A few others interview you first, understand your ideas and requirements, inspect the site and then come up with a proposal. It is important that the style of work is impressive and convincing enough for you to make a choice.

3. What are the components of your project proposal?

You ask this question in order to get an idea of the project components such as the following: 

  • Initial discussion
  • Landscaping plan: includes two or three options to help arrive at the final plan
  • Planting options
  • Options of additional landscaping features
  • Construction assistance

4. What would be the duration and deadlines?

Time estimation of the project depends on its scope and size and your budget. You need to indicate a period by which you require the completion of the project. In consultation with the expert you should provide for unforeseen glitches and project delays due to supplies and weather. 

5. What will be the cost?

It is important to discuss costs before signing the contract. Different experts quote different charges.  Ask for an approximate cost for a thousand square foot patio plus, if you desire, installation of paving and high-end fountains. You can compare quotes in the context of the reputation, experience and quality of work of the expert to make a decision.

6. Is there any room to save costs?

There are numerous ways to save money. Discuss with the professional about the different options available to save costs in respect of materials, plants, containers, and so on. Make choices that would fit your budget.

7. How much maintenance will the yard need?

Many outdoor plants require little maintenance. Others require more attention, such as regular feeding or pruning to look their best. This may not be a problem if you keep a gardener, but it can be a hassle if you have to do the work yourself. Better to get an idea of yard maintenance cost, before you finalize your project.

Designing a yard probably is not your niche; you would do well to hire a landscape designing expert, who can offer a range of different cost saving options  to match your vision, tastes and needs.