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How you can Clean and Refinish a Wooden Deck

A beautifully refinished wooden deck is a valuable part of your outdoor landscape. It does not just look good; it extends and protects the life of the wood and enhances the resale value of your house as well. Refinishing the deck involves the following basic steps.
Deck inspectionCleaningSanding of the deckStaining and sealingStain application Each step is described below  in some detail for your benefit.
Deck inspection
Deck inspection is the first step in wooden deck refinishing. Look for structural problems like severely split or rotting wood, and mend them first.  If the deck paint or varnish looks old and faded, strip the varnish or paint off the surface of the deck, using a paint stripper. If you wish to repaint it, just sand it.
If you locate a wood stain or clear finish, you should clean it with the help of a wood deck cleaner. Experts recommend oxygen-based wood cleaner for removing graying caused due to ultraviolet sun exposure and mildew stains. It works great in …