Backyard Design Guide for You

Love to add practical and stylish touches to your outdoors? Listed here are for you great designs involving patios, paths, showers, fire pits, and more.

Space to unwind

Use a sleek stone fireplace and large pavers, and turn a small lawn between garage and house into a "decompression chamber". You will find it ideal for unwinding after a long day of work or during your weekends. If you have a reasonable extent of outside space, you can try out this idea.

Striking steps

Lay, in a mix-and-match pattern, stone steps to create a very strong focal point. Plants with different colors and characters can help you create magical visual interest. To beautify the terraced stoned steps, use flora such as rusty-hued Carex testacea, plum Heuchera, green kniphofia, ‘Karl Foerster’ grass, and the like.

Transforming a driveway

Transform the unused area of a driveway into a beautiful, curved path of concrete pavers. Leave enough space for a lush green garden bed on the side.

Gravel path

Use both desert rose and coarser gray-colored gravel to make a path stand out: it would be inviting enough for visitors to just follow its course. To add to the beauty, install small wooden bridges across the gravel course.

A walk of meditation

You can create a sacred haven for meditation, by laying a winding path encircling a central planting island. Use crunchy pea gravel to offer texture to the path, while plants can be used to add beauty and color.

Drainage solutions in style

Mix different-sized rocks with gravel to add character to large areas. This method solves problems related to drainage as well. Create a wonderful gravel path, bordered on the right with a variety of flowering plants and ferns.

Let it overlap a constellation of flat, large stones that create a passage over a seasonal stream flow. Let water run from a pipe hidden under the river rocks of the channel to a catchment pond close by.

Old-world kitchen garden

Turn a dull outside space into a kitchen garden. Use antique showpieces and surround them with pots of herbs and vegetables. Create a gravel path with an attractive circular stone border to add to that old-world look.

Pond-side retreat

Cover the upper patio and the main walkway with dry-laid flagstones. Let it lead to a path of natural steppingstones connecting the upper patio to a smaller one. Let it be closer to the house that oversees a pond.

Gravel path and modern fountain

Surround beautifully a modern fountain with gravel; it is extremely versatile and works perfectly well. You can try out this idea in larger spaces too.

There is no reason why you should keep your outdoor spaces dull and boring. There are several ideas for you try out, and add to those spaces character, texture and beauty. You can and should definitely create a more enticing space for you and your family.