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Backyard Design Guide for You

Love to add practical and stylish touches to your outdoors? Listed here are for you great designs involving patios, paths, showers, fire pits, and more.
Space to unwind
Use a sleek stone fireplace and large pavers, and turn a small lawn between garage and house into a "decompression chamber". You will find it ideal for unwinding after a long day of work or during your weekends. If you have a reasonable extent of outside space, you can try out this idea.
Striking steps
Lay, in a mix-and-match pattern, stone steps to create a very strong focal point. Plants with different colors and characters can help you create magical visual interest. To beautify the terraced stoned steps, use flora such as rusty-hued Carex testacea, plum Heuchera, green kniphofia, ‘Karl Foerster’ grass, and the like.
Transforming a driveway
Transform the unused area of a driveway into a beautiful, curved path of concrete pavers. Leave enough space for a lush green garden bed on the side.
Gravel pa…