New Trends in Landscaping: A few Ideas for You to Consider

Evolving trends in design and architecture keep changing the way homes are built. Your home can be designed the way you want it to be – from the traditional to the avant garde.

The same thing applies to the landscape of your home: it is limited only by your imagination and the abilities of the landscaper. Like architecture, landscaping trends are constantly changing.

Here are a few of the new trends in landscaping you need to know in order to help you create the exterior that is just right for your home and your family.

Lawns are not essential

There was a time when a well-manicured lawn was the foundation of a landscape. Not anymore. Lawns present many problems. They use a huge amount of water which is a major problem in regions, where water shortages are a way of everyday life. They demand the use of chemicals and fertilizers. They require a great deal of maintenance. And, ultimately, you may wonder whether one well-maintained lawn is very different from another?

There is a growing trend to replace lawns with cacti, grasses, succulents, pathways, rocks and a variety of other features. These substitutes provide an interesting and attractive alternative and are usually easier to maintain. They are eco-friendly and more importantly wallet-friendly.

Plants and animals

The use of insecticides to remove creatures from the exterior of a home is becoming more refined and focused. Insects that damage plants need to be kept away; but bees, butterflies and others are part of the environment; they add to the natural aura of the landscape. In addition they help in pollination and promotion of plant growth. The new trend is to welcome them, not drive them away.

Designing a canine-friendly landscape is another new trend, if you keep dogs in your house.

Artful landscaping

Landscaping is not all about grass, plants, shrubs, flower and trees: it is an art form, and often, with a few add-on features, can elevate its overall ambience and aesthetic impact.

For example, a piece of sculpture, whether traditional or ultra-modern, in stone, metal or even plastic, can change the complete focus, and give the landscape a totally different look.

The same applies to lighting. The right lighting can sustain the appeal forward into the darkness or give it a completely different feel, enhancing the evening or night magic.

The beauty of imperfection

A landscape is an environment to be enjoyed, not a picture to be admired from a distance. The modern trend is to focus on combining beauty with practicality. In other words, forget about perfection, if it reduces the pleasure element. The Japanese call this Wabi Sabi ‘The beauty of imperfection.’

These are just a few ideas for you to consider. There is always a gap between concept and reality. What you want for your landscape may not be viable due to climatic, soil or other constraints. It could be very costly, and there may be other equally, if not more attractive, options available. And the maintenance may be far more challenging than what you are ready for.

Working with a landscaping professional to create the best looking and most suitable landscape for your home is a safe bet for you: it ensures what is really right for you, fits your budget rightly, and does not demand your time and attention more than you can possibly afford.