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Renovating Your Garden: 7 Landscape Design Secrets for You

Are you one of those people looking for ways to add value to their property and improve the aesthetics at the same time? Are you planning to renovate your garden? Here are for you seven landscape design secrets that are extremely simple and effective to implement. 

Architecture: According to landscaping experts, it is important that you keep the architecture of your house in mind when choosing the plants. Especially when the fa├žade of the house is plain, you need to mask it with show-stopper plants like Culver’s root, Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’, Impatiens tinctoria and others. Paving: An outside seating area comes in very handy for those who entertain guests at dinner or lunch. Recycled pavers are an effective and cheap way of creating an attractive outdoor seating area, without spending too much. The paved area requires just enough space for chairs and tables. Turf lawn: Laying a turf lawn is comparatively a low-cost affai…