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Outdoor Seating Made Simple for You

When you think about how the different areas of your garden and seating can be used, and how they can be furnished, you will be able to create a living space that works wonders for you. Whether you’re planning to re-do the outdoor seating area or starting from scratch, the end result will be a new space – useful and inviting – that will function as an outdoor extension of the house.
Define the seating area by setting boundaries
The extent of privacy available in an outdoor seating area signals how a space can be used ultimately: keep it intimate and small for a quiet retreat, or go open and make it large for social affairs. The boundaries you set establish the framework for the seating area.
One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of setting the boundaries of the seating area is by taking advantage of existing structures, like your garage or home. You can also form boundaries by using the elements and plants, such as arbors, fences, screens or trellises, already …