5 things to consider while hiring a landscaping company for lawn maintenance

Hiring a landscaping company is not an easy task, especially for those who haven't done it before. If you are planning to hire a landscaping company for lawn maintenance, you need to consider certain things to make your money count. A landscaping company provides you with end-to-end solutions for lawn maintenance, and hiring one to ensure proper upkeep of your turf is a good move. However, in order to ensure proper lawn maintenance, it is important to hire the right professionals. Here are five things, which you should consider before awarding the contract of your lawn maintenance to a specific landscaping company.
1. Ask for a written landscaping schedule
The moment you come across a landscaping company, ask how many visits they offer in a fortnight/month/year. Also, ask for a detailed list of the tasks they will perform on different visits. For instance, you can ask how frequently they will prune the hedges. You should also know in detail how many irrigation system inspections and mowing and fertilizer-herbicide applications they are going to offer every fortnight/month/year.

2. Will there be an assigned account representative?
Figure out if there will be a point of contact for your property. If yes, make sure he/she responds to your calls, emails, or proposal requests in a timely fashion. Remember that communicating with the crew leader won't be of much help. Instead, it is essential to keep in touch with the assigned representative in charge of your lawn maintenance since he/she will be managing the entire task and can deliver you the best possible service.
3. Check the service and infrastructure
While choosing a landscaping company, you should check what type of service they provide their clients with, and the kind of infrastructure they have for work. It is customary for a reputed landscaping company to provide their personnel with appropriate safety equipment and uniforms that are required to offer you proper service. Make sure they are using the latest technology and equipment so that your lawn gets the best treatment.
4. Proper communication is crucial
Whenever the professionals of your chosen landscaping company show up on your property, they should communicate with you or your onsite staff so that they get to know about the special requirements or concerns, if there are any.  Before they leave your property, they should let you know about what they have done and what has been completed/planned for the next schedule. They should also inform if they have noted anything abnormal with your lawn or its elements.
5. Ask for references
Before you sign the deal with a particular landscaping company, make sure to check references. Do your research and figure out if they have been able to keep their past clients happy and satisfied. They should have a list of their past and existing clients, along with their contact details, and should be willing to share it with you. You can call a few of them and ask if they were/are satisfied with the service of the company.

These are the five basic things that you must consider while hiring a landscaping company for your lawn maintenance. By following these, you can weed out the bogus and unreliable agencies out there to take you for a ride, and choose a reliable landscaping company that will ensure proper services worth your money.