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Renovating Your Garden: 7 Landscape Design Secrets for You

Are you one of those people looking for ways to add value to their property and improve the aesthetics at the same time? Are you planning to renovate your garden? Here are for you seven landscape design secrets that are extremely simple and effective to implement. 

Architecture: According to landscaping experts, it is important that you keep the architecture of your house in mind when choosing the plants. Especially when the fa├žade of the house is plain, you need to mask it with show-stopper plants like Culver’s root, Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’, Impatiens tinctoria and others. Paving: An outside seating area comes in very handy for those who entertain guests at dinner or lunch. Recycled pavers are an effective and cheap way of creating an attractive outdoor seating area, without spending too much. The paved area requires just enough space for chairs and tables. Turf lawn: Laying a turf lawn is comparatively a low-cost affai…

Outdoor Seating Made Simple for You

When you think about how the different areas of your garden and seating can be used, and how they can be furnished, you will be able to create a living space that works wonders for you. Whether you’re planning to re-do the outdoor seating area or starting from scratch, the end result will be a new space – useful and inviting – that will function as an outdoor extension of the house.
Define the seating area by setting boundaries
The extent of privacy available in an outdoor seating area signals how a space can be used ultimately: keep it intimate and small for a quiet retreat, or go open and make it large for social affairs. The boundaries you set establish the framework for the seating area.
One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of setting the boundaries of the seating area is by taking advantage of existing structures, like your garage or home. You can also form boundaries by using the elements and plants, such as arbors, fences, screens or trellises, already …

9 Budget-smart Backyard Decoration Ideas for You

Revamping your landscape to beautify your backyard does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are nine budget-smart ideas for you to help you make your backyard more loveable.

1.Think of leftover stones for hardscaping
Hardscaping is one of the most expensive elements in landscaping – retaining walls, walkways, edging. However, the stone leftovers at a nursery supply store or a local landscaping may be a less expensive option. Piled together in a stack, these stones offer a beautiful element that appears to be natural. Groundcovers can be used to soften the edges of the stones.
2.Make use of off-the-shelf items
Custom elements tend to increase the budget for landscaping, but artistic recasting can offer the same result at a more affordable price. Regular blocks increase lengths of decking. The same materials can also be used for creating a coffee table, dining table, or side table.
3.Go in for vertical gardening
Blank walls and urban spaces can greatly benefit from vertical gard…

Accents that Help Beautify Your Garden

Skip the unthoughtful store-bought accents, and give a personalized spin to your garden with these creative ornaments, containers, fountains, and more. Here is a list of some of the most creative adornments for your garden.
Hanging wooden baskets
A colorful hanging basket can catch eyes from far away. This creative accent brings a touch of greenery to your patio, front porch, or deck, straight from the garden. You can either decide to use seasonal flowers, or can plant robust plants inside these containers. Moreover, to make the baskets attention-grabbing you can get them in bright colors such as yellow, green, red or blue.
There is something stunning about succulents. Buy them in different shapes and put them in beautiful containers. One of the things that you can use is a bird bath, which can be turned into a beautiful succulent planter. Keep it near the seating area in your garden. It will enhance the beauty of the area.
Incorporate the splashy s…

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen Layout: 4 Tips for You to Remember

If you love to rustle up delicious meals, eat with your family or treat your guests’ palate, you should consider setting up an outdoor kitchen. Such a kitchen would expand your living space and let you entertain friends and family without the need of booking a reservation in an upscale restaurant. Though a majority of homeowners limits their outdoor kitchens to backyard grilling and BBQs in summer, you should think of one that serves you round the year. With the right design, you can enjoy cooking outside even beyond the summer months.

If you are ready to add some fun quotient, value and versatility to your abode with an outdoor kitchen, here are four tips for you to remember: Choose a suitable site: According to some landscaping experts, there is no such thing as the "right" spot for an outdoor kitchen. While some may prefer a freestanding kitchen by the pool, some others may opt for a BBQ area just outside their home’s back door. Therefore, it’s up to you to d…

Why You Should Opt for Driveway Paving: 4 Reasons

Driveway pavers are an integral part of the hardscape of your landscape architecture. If you have driven up to a home featuring a chert or gravel driveway, you must have noticed how the bumpy ride often seems like a drive through the farmyard. It can go well if you are trying to give your property a rustic, countryside look and feel. But the trouble your visitors will have driving on it and the problems you will face maintaining it aren’t worth the effort. An easier, economically feasible way would be to opt for driveway paving. If you are in a dilemma whether to use it or not, here are four reasons that will help you decide in favor of driveway paving:

Improve your property’s aesthetic appeal
You can give your propertyanupscale and polished look by creating a driveway that complements both your house and the landscape. In the market, you can get several pavers in a variety of materials, styles, shapes, colors and patterns, from which you can take your pick. A driveway can…

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