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5 Steps to Help Your Trees Weather the Winter Season

For many landscape owners, the winter months aren't an active time. If you too stop working on your yard during winter and keep your trees at the mercy of the weather, many may either not live or get severely damaged in the harsh cold weather. To ensure sporting a healthy landscape during winter and help your trees weather the season of stormy winds, cold Bay Area temperatures and frost, here are five easy steps that you can use: Mulching: You can apply a thick layer (about 2’) of mulch around the tree’s drip line to give the roots extra warmth and a layer of protective insulation against the freezing temperatures. Such a layer will also help restrain water loss. However, you shouldn't pile up the mulch to touch the tree trunk or cover the crown.Managing the irrigation cycle: Winter winds in the Bay Area often tend to dry out the soil. The resultant lack of water can produce stressful conditions, similar to drought, for your trees.  In case the ground freezes, the…