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7 Things to Know About Retaining Walls

While designing the landscape of your garden, sometimes you may have to manage or utilize sloping yards. Leveling the ground with other parts of the landscape may not be feasible in such cases as it will cost you a lot of time, effort and money. If you have slopes in your garden or backyard, you can utilize them to create different ground levels that are connected with beautiful stairways or other types of landscaping features. Building a retaining wall to use slopes is a good way to enhance the beauty of your yard and add a personalized touch to it at the same time. These walls are usually used to prevent the erosion of an embankment or hold back material on a particular side. Retaining walls can be installed where neighboring free-standing walls have a bizarre junction between them or in areas where a sloping bank would have otherwise slumped.
To build retaining walls of different types such as freestanding, dry-laid, or short flagstone, you can use different materials …