Landscaping ideas for businesses

Although landscaping is essential for homeowners, it can also make the difference between failure and success when it comes to your business. An exquisitely landscaped corporate office can encourage prospects to stop by, but poor landscaping can send the same customers to your competitors.

How to choose the right landscaping design?

Keep your business and clientele in mind:

When making a blueprint, it is important to keep your clientele and the nature of your business in mind. Your choices should be customized to meet the expectations and needs of your customers. For example, the landscaping choices of a high-end luxury clothing store will be very different from a dollar store. Expensive retailers should invest in beautiful landscape elements, such as exotic shrubs and flowering trees, to attract and please wealthy buyers.

Keep maintenance costs in mind:

Designing a landscape without taking the ongoing maintenance cost into consideration is a bad idea. No matter how well-designed or stunning your landscape might look, the flowers will have to be watered, grass will require mowing, and the trees will have to be pruned. It is important for business owners to not just factor in the initial cost, but the monthly maintenance cost as well.

Another great idea is to use green technology. For instance, entrepreneurs can incorporate native or local plants in their designs, use drought resistant shrubs and trees and use landscape elements that will help in reducing soil erosion.

Hardscaping elements:

One of the best ways for business owners to decrease maintenance costs is to complement hardscaping elements such as boulders and rocks with traditional design elements such as shrubs, flowers and trees. Such elements can be spectacular, but they are also easy to maintain. By using them in the overall design, business owners can reduce maintenance costs without compromising on beauty.


A simple concrete sidewalk from the office to the road can reduce the overall impact of the lawn. Destroy the plain walkway and replace it with materials such as, railroad ties, flagstone, or wood rounds. Adding extra-large trellises or plants near the walkway completely transforms the landscape design.

Apart from wood rounds, stained and cut natural stone pavers are also classy options for front walks. For a more budgeted option, however, you can use gravel. Also, if you’d like to include a path across a garden area, use natural materials such as mulch and sand to create low-cost walking areas that add to the flow of the landscape.


Business owners can easily add interest and depth to their current landscape design by changing or adding lightings. A variety of effects can be achieved through the placement of lights. For instance, underwater lighting can create a beautiful otherworldly glow. Apart from this, hanging fairy lights on branches and around tree trunks can have a tremendous effect on your landscape at night.

Business landscaping can include anything from a cobblestone walkway to an arched bridge that leads to the establishment. Landscaping can certainly add to the personality of your physical office. However, it is very important to choose a design after close consideration and after speaking to a landscaping expert.