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Why won't some Plants Bloom?

Every gardener, whether experienced or a beginner, has had trouble many times to get their flowers to bloom. No matter what you do, there seems to be no solution to fix this problem. Don’t worry or feel bad if your plant refuses to flower. There can be various reasons for it to behave this way. To initiate the appearance of buds, there may be some type of process or stimulus to go about it. Here you will learn why plants flower before you understand the process of getting them to flower.
There is only one purpose for the existence of flowers and that is pollination. The showy and attractive blooms are meant to attract animals and insects to do their work for them. For example, a bee visiting a flower to get nectar but at the same time it carries some of the pollen of that plant to another unwittingly. So this results in plants getting productive and fruitful.
Take a look at some species of plants listed below and learn why they don’t bloom at the said time.
Hydrangea – Thes…

Power Perennials for your backyard

Perennials are plants that thrive and grow for more than two seasons. The top portion dies during winter and re-grows from the same root system during spring. There are many varieties of perennials that keep their leaves throughout the year and offer groundcovers or attractive borders. Here is a list of tough-as-nails perennials that can add some flower power to your landscape. Daylily – These plants will blossom beautifully in sunny spots and are practically indestructible. They are insect, drought resistant and easy-care perennials that form large clumps. They offer a variety of colors and bicolors and should be divided every three to four years. Buddleia – These plants commonly called the butterfly bush, will produce an abundance of nectar-rich, fragrant flowers during the whole of summer.  They are flowering shrubs which die back only to grow bigger and better the following spring. The flowers bloom in a variety of colors like blue, white, red, pink, purple, lavender an…