How to Paint Landscaping Rocks

Add a touch of earthy charm to your garden or yard by installing painted landscaping rocks. What makes them different? Well, every rock has a different color and varies in size and shape. This adds to the visual appeal of the flowers and plants that grow in your outdoor area. There is nothing like personalizing your landscape design to make it more special. This can be done by simple painting your landscaping rocks. Your garden will look dressed up with year-round brilliance. It is not very time-consuming and can be a fun and inexpensive family activity on weekends. You can use tones of different shapes, sizes and textures from places you visit and your garden to create imaginative forms, cheerful looking rock borders, whimsical creatures or anything that strikes your fancy. Pain them with bright, vibrant acrylic colors that will last for many years.

To get started, all you need is some creative flair, patience and a few simple supplies.
  • Take a bucket of water and add 1/4 cup of laundry detergent. To make sure the soap is completely dissolved, swish the water around with your hand. Take the rocks to be painted and scrape or brush off moss or accumulated dirt on the surface. Then wash them in the soapy solution with a sponge or scrubbing brush until they are squeaky clean. Rinse them well with clean water.
  • Leave the rocks out in a sunny area to dry completely before you apply paint. For quick drying and best results, clean your rocks the night before or early in the morning to let them dry in the hot afternoon sun.
  • Spread some old newspapers over the area where you will be painting. This prevents spills and paint spots on surfaces.
  • To match the patterns and colors of your plants and flowers in the garden, choose suitable colors for your rocks. You definitely want colors that are bright and vibrant. Let your imagination do its work. You can also paint words on them like “Peace” or “Dream” with an earthy hue in the background. Ask your friends to sign their names on rocks you paint to create a colorful “Friendship” garden.
  • Protect your face and eyes with goggles and a mask before applying an acrylic finisher. You need to spray clear sealant on your landscaping rocks. This is done to protect the artwork from the environment and harsh elements. Take care to coat the entire painted surface several times. Allow the paint to dry between every fresh coat.
  • Make sure you leave the rocks to dry completely at least for 10 hours or overnight depending on the climate. Humid conditions take longer than drier conditions.
  • When you’re done, clean up the work area. You can store the leftover sealant and paints in a dry, safe place, away from children and pets. Clean your paint brushes, dispose of the used detergent solution and the used newspaper.