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7 Deadly Sins of Landscaping

What constitutes the term bad landscaping? It may be following gardening practices that are too outdated or undertaking bad planting techniques that does no justice to your landscape. Everything changes over time and this includes gardening trends too. It was considered bad landscaping to grow vegetables in the front yard a decade ago. But now, there is a new gardening trend that prefers showcasing an edible garden in the front yard as it brings out the color, vibrancy and aesthetic appeal of the outdoor property. So what is “in” and what is “out”?
Here are 7 deadly sins that garden lovers must avoid when remodeling their landscape. Save yourself from the worst gardening transgressions that many fall prey to. Growing the wrong plants – Just because some flowers and shrubs are pretty doesn’t mean that they belong in your garden. You need to take the “nativist” approach to gardening. This simply means that you need to take into consideration the type of region you live in a…

The Best Flowering Trees for your Garden

Trees are versatile, perennial plants that fit into any type of landscape whether it’s urban or rural, contemporary or cottage themed. They can be difficult to choose and maintain because they live for over a lifetime or more. Trees add character to your landscape. The first years of their growth are the most critical, so you need to protect them. Trees can do unique things for your garden apart from providing shade and structure. A row of small trees can serve as a living fence or can be trained into decorative patterns for aesthetic appeal.
Flowering trees and shrubs are the best choices for this season as they add vibrancy and color each year. Whether you like white flowering trees, pink flowering trees, or small flowering trees, here is list of the types of flowering trees and shrubs to help you envelop your garden in blooms every year.
Eastern Redbud
The Eastern Redbud is a multistemmed, small, handsome, understory tree that has a 20-30 foot rounded crown and reaches …