Accentuate your Outdoor area with Garden Planters

Your home may be the most beautiful looking building in your neighborhood; but, if your outdoor landscape and garden looks worn out and weak, then it will definitely affect the overall look of your property. The one aspect of landscaping that should not be neglected is planting the right kind of trees, shrubs and flowers.

To make the yard or garden your pride and joy, add interest to your decorating space with garden planters. Many contemporary homes have installed planters in areas like the balcony and entrance way to get the best first impression. A popular decor item that adds quality and brings out a welcoming effect that offers comfort and appeal throughout the year are garden planters.

Take pleasure in your very own private calming oasis and say goodbye to overgrown garden beds. Garden planters come in a wide variety of styles and can be used for flowers, plants and shrubs. You can choose the ones you need to complement your outdoor decor.  Apart from style, color also needs to be taken into consideration. Planters are available in every kind of material like wood, iron, concrete, ceramic, metal, lightweight resin, etc.

Eco-friendly materials are also the rage for making garden planters as they can be used throughout the landscape and provide beauty and a contrasting appeal that is truly unique and exceptional. Choose a planter that will withstand all kinds of climatic conditions as they will be placed outside your home the whole year round. Shop you’re your kind of planters that have drainage holes as it is an important feature.

Escape into the majestic side of nature, by installing outdoor planters for your garden. Here are a few simple tips to help you decide where they will derive maximum aesthetic value and appeal for your outdoor area.
  • Gardens: Add variety to your flower and vegetable garden by using planters. Pots look good for smaller areas that can be also be taken inside during winter. Place pots and planters in your outdoor landscape along pathways, walkways, edges or amidst the other plants.
  • Patios and Decks: For decks and patios, you can install a few planters around the set perimeter to really transform your outdoor space. To create visual variety, you can work with different shapes, sizes and styles. Create intimate, smaller sections for large open spaces by using plants as dividers.
  • Front Porch: The best way to greet guests to your front door is to place some beautiful pots with flowers on your front porch and steps. Make sure that you don’t overfill or underfill your entrance with flowers and plants. Determine the space in that area to place the right amount of planters. Pots that are too small can get easily lost visually and pots that are too large makes it difficult maneuver around to reach the front door.  If there is uncertainty about the size, then buy a combo of small to medium size pots that can be moved around to suit any space.
  • Window Frames: Enjoy visual beauty indoors and outdoors by using window boxes to plant flowers near the window. A small herb garden or tiny flowers in clusters will do the trick. To keep them healthy and beautiful, place them in areas which have partial shade or good sunlight.
  • Hanging: Hanging planters and pots are the epitome of beauty as they look like colorful jewels hanging in interesting places to create focal point. You can hang them from garden hooks, branches, or the roofline of a porch or covered patio. Hanging planters create striking displays so choose plants and flowers that can be used specifically for hanging that purpose.