Top Houseplants to Grow Indoors

Did you know that houseplants improve the quality of air we breathe indoors? A recent NASA research found that plants absorb the air pollutants to the soil and purify the air we breathe. There are different varieties of plants that are capable of removing certain volatile chemicals and substances from the air. They create an aesthetically pleasing living environment and also provide clean, fresh air to breathe. There is also 50-60 percent less airborne bacteria and molds found in rooms that have plants. The origin of having houseplants comes from the Tropical Rainforests, which have evolved over millions of years ago. During the process of evolution, these plants culture microbes in and around their roots— this helps them degrade complex organic structures found in rainforest debris and leaves.

People tend to suffer from chronic respiratory infections because of the presence of polluted indoor air. That is because the air found indoors is approximately ten times more polluted than the air outside. According to the EPA, indoor air is ranked among the top 5 owing to health hazards.  The most common type of indoor pollutants found indoors is formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, chloroform, acetone, ammonia, trichloroethylene, etc. All these substances are found in everyday household items like paints, adhesives, varnishes, nail polish removers, cosmetics, paper towels, cleaning products, gas stoves, carpets, drapes, upholstery and so on. So if you have a houseplant, you live in a pollution free zone! Here are a few plants and their uses for you to pick the right one for your space.

Lavender – A naturally de-stressing plant that produces natural oil to help in calming and relaxing your mind. If you have problems sleeping at night, you can put a pot of lavender on your bedside table which will help give you a comfortable sleep. The natural oil emitted by this plant’s linalyl esters creates a wonderful, soothing smell.

Geranium – A joyful and happy home is what every family desires. This plant with tiny flowers of warm, deep colors create a sense of joy for the people around. They aid in keeping our senses happy and alive.

Rosemary – This plant has medicinal properties useful for healing minor ailments of the body like fungi infections, muscle pains and digestive problems. What’s more, it is used as a cooking herb to flavor various types of dishes like gravies, roasts, soups and stews.

Orchids – This plant is a natural air-purifier that cleans up the air present inside the home. The plants come with different colors which relax the mind and are also used as flower centerpieces in living and dining areas to be admired by all.

Hydrangeas – This plant emits a scent that soothes the senses and brings a soft, calming effect to the mind. They are simply irresistible owing to their adorable flowers which exemplify and highlight their simplicity and lightness.