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Encourage Gardening for Kids

Partner with nature to work magic with your fingers. Gardening is one outdoor activity that always springs a lot of surprises as it is fun and educational. You don’t have to achieve horticultural perfection every time you garden. Just enjoy it as a hobby and encourage kids to explore the priceless bounty of nature’s treasure chest. You can see the anticipation of children in gardening as they pull out vegetables from an edible garden; bite a carrot or see them create colorful bouquets of their handpicked flowers from the garden bed. Whether it’s discovering a new germinating seed, watering plants or making mud, there is a magnetic attraction between children and the garden.
There are fond memories associated with gardening as many people relate to invaluable time spent with their parents or grandparents who encouraged them to become a friend of the soil. They were the ones who inculcated the habit of playing outdoors and explore nature around them. Planting and play go …

Top Houseplants to Grow Indoors

Did you know that houseplants improve the quality of air we breathe indoors? A recent NASA research found that plants absorb the air pollutants to the soil and purify the air we breathe. There are different varieties of plants that are capable of removing certain volatile chemicals and substances from the air. They create an aesthetically pleasing living environment and also provide clean, fresh air to breathe. There is also 50-60 percent less airborne bacteria and molds found in rooms that have plants. The origin of having houseplants comes from the Tropical Rainforests, which have evolved over millions of years ago. During the process of evolution, these plants culture microbes in and around their roots— this helps them degrade complex organic structures found in rainforest debris and leaves.
People tend to suffer from chronic respiratory infections because of the presence of polluted indoor air. That is because the air found indoors is approximately ten times more pol…