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How to Prepare your Garden for Spring

Spring is nearly here and it’s time to start preparing your garden for the most awaited season of the year. Dust off those gardening tools, start planning on fun things to plant and welcome new life to your outdoor space.
Start with a Plan
Before getting started on your garden, you need to think about what look you would like to achieve for your outdoor space. Make a checklist of the flowers, trees and shrubs you planted last year and then improve on that look by adding new perennials.  Maybe you can add a vegetable patch to grow your own herbs and vegetables or improve the overall design of that area by installing additional colorful containers and pots.
Go Green
Try to make the change in your environment by shifting from chemical gardening methods to organic gardening. You can use a compost pile in your garden, use natural fertilizers and collect rainwater from your gutters to water the plants.
Get your Garden Gear ready
To preserve your garden gear and get them ready f…

Make Your Yard More Private

Do you find that your outdoor space is always in the public eye of all the neighboring houses in your area? You can add privacy and make your garden a personal retreat by adding a few elements to keep prying eyes out. After all, you only have your garden for a few hours in a day, so you need to make it worthwhile to make it a haven of rest and relaxation. Try these few simple ways to create your very own personalized space in the comfort of your home.
Fences – The easiest, safest and fastest way to create privacy in your backyard is to put up a fence. They are the perfect option to keep children and pets indoors. You can also prevent strangers from entering and keep prying eyes out from neighboring houses. Select a material that complements the structure and style of your property. Look around for areas in your outdoor space that needs some closure before installing a fence. You can even use existing structures in your garden to block outside views. A deck or small patio n…