The Basic Guide to Garden Indoors

Who says you can’t enjoy gardening when the weather is cold and your garden is covered with snow? You may be feeling a little blue because of the winter season, but there are ways you can change the atmosphere indoors with a little color and texture. Surrounding yourself with fresh, sweet smelling flowers is the sure cure for whatever ails you this winter. Indoor plants can transform the look of your home instantly. All it takes is just a little whimsy with a dash of the right textures and colors to liven up gloomy interiors. Flowers and plants with their individual personalities will fit in with your mood, style and taste. An indoor garden with the bold colors of amaryllis or a terrarium full of succulents will do the job perfectly. What’s more, they will freshen up the indoor air inside by providing some humidity and also give a facelift in the aesthetic department. To brighten up your home this winter, follow these simple steps to create your very own personalized indoor garden.

Create a sense of inner peace

A Zen garden will do wonders for your mind by helping you to relax and stay calm. The construction, nature and upkeep of a Zen garden is designed for reflection and contemplation. The basic elements of this type of garden are made up of sand and rocks, but you can go ahead with other extra elements based on your creativity. Dish containers or wood boxes are perfect for your indoor space because of their size and shape. Let your imagination take over as you can create a personalized work of art that is visually pleasing with fresh foliage and carefully placed natural elements. The best part is, it doesn’t take up much space and is inexpensive to create.

Add some color that will last all winter

Enjoy the textures, colors and the fragrance of spring by growing some bulbs indoors. You need to choose the right plants that are perfect for indoor gardening like Paperwhites, Narcissus and Amaryllis as they don’t require any chill time. You can plant bulbs every week during winter so that your home stays fresh all the time with blooming pretty flowers. If you plant bulbs every week in the winter, you can have blooming flowers all winter long.

Create a miniature garden with maximum impact

Indoor gardens that require very little maintenance to flourish and have a natural elegant look with little fuss are Terrariums. They are a popular garden style and are virtually indestructible. The key is in choosing the right plants. They come in various shapes, colors and varieties, so choose one that makes the maximum impact for your interiors. You can try your hand with the Golden Club Moss variety as it creates a high moisture environment and thrives well in low light. Other great varieties include succulents and cacti which retain good amount of water.

Bring your rooms to life

Look up and around and you are bound to find some greenery that grows in the most surprising places. Try creating vertical garden or living walls that will create a visually stunning and dramatic look for your home. You can beautify your space and clean the air indoors. To start off, hang some herbs in your kitchen window for fresh flavors and smells. Now you can get your nature fix inside with your very own living walls or vertical gardens. Get your nature fix sorted out, by experimenting with different houseplants for every room in your house.