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Deadhead plants for extended bloom

To keep your planting looking healthy, beautiful and blooming throughout the entire season, you need to deadhead them from time to time. The name deadheading is obviously scary when you hear it, but despite the ominous sound, it is nothing more than just trimming off spent flowers. This helps your plants look neat, so arm yourself with sharp gardening tools and advance confidently into your garden for some work. Some gardeners may worry that when the work is done imperfectly it will harm the plant and affect its health. However, the truth is, it’s tough to deform or kill a plant by deadheading unless you really have a whack at it. Normally, all flowering plants will benefit and look attractive when they are deadheaded regularly. You can allow other flowers to shine by cutting away blooms that start to curl, fade or brown.
There are some apprehensions when it comes to choosing what plants to deadhead in order to make them look attractive. There are clues plants will give yo…

The Basic Guide to Garden Indoors

Who says you can’t enjoy gardening when the weather is cold and your garden is covered with snow? You may be feeling a little blue because of the winter season, but there are ways you can change the atmosphere indoors with a little color and texture. Surrounding yourself with fresh, sweet smelling flowers is the sure cure for whatever ails you this winter. Indoor plants can transform the look of your home instantly. All it takes is just a little whimsy with a dash of the right textures and colors to liven up gloomy interiors. Flowers and plants with their individual personalities will fit in with your mood, style and taste. An indoor garden with the bold colors of amaryllis or a terrarium full of succulents will do the job perfectly. What’s more, they will freshen up the indoor air inside by providing some humidity and also give a facelift in the aesthetic department. To brighten up your home this winter, follow these simple steps to create your very own personalized indo…