Winter Garden delights

The snow, cold temperatures and gusty winter winds can put a full stop to your gardening endeavors. However the landscape unfolds a beautiful scene outdoors with a snow filled yard or garden. You can add beauty to your winter landscape with these gardening delights mentioned below.
Wonderland of Snow and Plants – Take containers and fill them with dried perennials, colorful twigs and evergreen sprigs, to create a focal point in your very own winter wonderland. The container can be filled with two thirds of sand to support the plants during winter. Collect dried branches, coneflowers and perennial stems by walking through your garden. Even evergreens like ornamental grass provide a striking centrepiece for your garden. You can plant them into your containers and the garden will be ready for the cold months. Watering is also not necessary.

Berry Beautiful – A treat for the eyes and senses can be none other than natural jewels from your garden which are of course berries of various types and colors. They are a delight to us and to the wildlife outside. Some shrubs and trees produce fruits that are consumed as soon as they ripen like sweet cherries. Other plants that produce persistent and long lasting berries include dogwood, viburnums and highbush cranberries. Berries may not be the first choice as a food source for the wildlife but when other forage is scarce, they may rely on it for survival through the winter months.

Feathered Friends – Even when the cold increases, songbirds forage around the landscape looking for food to survive. You can enjoy their antics, help them get food and make their life easier by installing a bird feeder in your landscape. For many birds that visit feeders, black oil sunflower seeds are their very best choice for winter sustenance. However make sure you avoid mixing a high percentage of oats and millets with the seeds.

Pretty Pedestals – Birdbaths are not maintained in the cold months as not many homeowners have heaters to melt the water. You can transform the look of your birdbath by creating it as a wintertime focal point in your landscape. This can be done by installing massive red ornaments and evergreen bows to make it come to life.

Evergreen Foliages of Joy – The belles of your winter landscape that can be added in your garden are trees and shrubs with evergreen foliage. Add valuable texture and color to your garden by planting evergreen ivy trees with their leathery leaves and shrubs of white pine with their soft needles.

Window into Winter – Nothing beats outdoor scenery like a pleasing winter scene outside your window. A standout in the landscape includes colorful twigs like red twig dogwood with its sparkling red bark and texture rich evergreen branches. Stop by your local florist if they are not readily available.

Standing Tall and Proud - An element of your garden that adds interest and delight to your winter landscape are tall plants like vines and perennial flowers. They may have lost their color and can no longer scramble up the garden towers but they are a source of food and shelter for the wildlife. These upright elements can be allowed to stand in the garden throughout the winter.

Let there be Light – Snow and light always makes a winning combination every time. Exterior lighting is always enjoyed during shortened winter days. Twinkling lights provide a contrasting effect by illuminating shrubs, trees, twigs and container gardens.

Watch out for Signs of Spring – After experiencing bone chilling temperatures and a sombre looking gray and brown landscape, spring is definitely a welcome sight. Stroll through your garden to watch out for signs of spring. To celebrate the arrival of a new season, you can spot growth of grape hyacinths and crocus as they poke through the snow. There are also many other signs of spring to watch out for in your landscape.