Outdoor holiday lighting - Christmas Light Displays

There is nothing as enjoyable as hanging up intricate Christmas lights in your yard and watching them light up the cold winter night. You can walk or drive through your neighborhood just to see what everyone else has put up for their outdoor decorations. This can give you some basic ideas on what you would like to personally do for your home. After all, Christmas comes only once a year so it will definitely be the best part of the holiday season. To give your own burst of creativity, there are some basic design ideas you can try for your outdoor holiday lighting. Browse through the list as it will jump start your imagination!

Ø  Big/Small Christmas light bulbs – If you would like to go all out and do things the big way, you can hang some jumbo light bulbs or string together small but impressive bunches of small lights. Giant bulbs stand over 16 inches high and can be used to light up driveways, walkways or lawn stakes. Small bulbs may not make much of a statement of their own. But when used in masses, they can be installed atop bedding plants in the landscape.

Ø  Angel Lights – God’s messengers are of course Angels and what better way to light up your home than installing a few Angels at strategic spots in the garden. They can also be used to illuminate Nativity scenes outdoors, which present a nice touch to the holiday spirit.

Ø  Spinning Tops – A decade or so earlier, kids used to receive spinning tops as Christmas gifts. It’s so hard to believe that everything has changed in all these years. But you can still bring back the days of old but using a lighted top as a lawn ornament. This is one way to enjoy the kid in you.

Ø  Cute Teddy Bears – Teddy bears and the holidays are like chocolates and coffee. They are used as traditional gifts for children but they truly exemplify their persona when used with Christmas light displays. You can add a family of bears like a Daddy bear, Mommy bear and Baby bear.

Ø  The Nutcracker – The Tin Soldier is another holiday gift staple like the teddy bear. You can use the Nutcracker balled characters or just the main character as a centrepiece for the yard complemented by lighting.

Ø  Gingerbread Man, Gingerbread House – The lovable gingerbread man is also a popular item all year round. Besides being a favorite holiday dessert, you can use it like a bulb ensemble for your outdoors with the addition of the gingerbread house.
Ø  Santa's Helper – The elves with their lantern and shiny outline are perfect decorative items to illuminate the way to your home on any windy, stormy night during the holiday season. So who needs Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the job?
Ø  Deck Out the Deck – A famous injunction that lights up the Christmas spirit in anyone would be "Deck the halls with boughs of holly”. This proverbially means that people need to pay attention to decorating their decks with beautiful Christmas lights. Apart from providing an accessible, sturdy base for outdoor decorations, deck light displays which features a "Happy Holidays" welcome and some flowers with intricate lights will give a whole new meaning to the season.  
o   Decorating Arches – Add some additional décor to your outdoor space if you have arches to welcome guests. You would have finished decorating the tree, rooms in the house and also the yard, but will add a wonderful final touch by lighting up the arch situated in the driveway. Wooden fences and pergolas can be brought to life by using Christmas light displays. And you can use flower garlands for vinyl fences which make it look more amendable.