Design Ideas for Trellises – Landscaping and Gardening

Landscape designing is an intricate art where each element has to be considered for its individual characteristics and then merged with others to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden. A beautiful outdoor space looks inviting for guests. You can create a focal point in your garden by installing trellises. Trellises or Trilleage are interwoven meshwork made of bamboo, wood or metal which are used to support shrubberies and plants in the garden. They are mostly used to make the entire architectural set up of your landscape more appealing. Trellises are favoured by many homeowners to suit different purposes in their landscape design. You can innovatively think of different design ideas for trellis installation depending on the practicality and functionality of your garden. 

To illustrate the uses of trellises, here are a few examples. They are used in gardens to grow bougainvillea, climbing roses, ivy, clematis, etc. Tender plants like sweet peas, morning glories and beans can also be grown. To grow grapes, agricultural systems like vineyards require trelliage for viticulture. The type of trellis you want to design depends on the following factors listed below:-

Purpose: For small gardens and landscapes, light weight trellises are used like the ones made from bamboo to support climbing plants. You can also opt for trellises made from steel to give a more structural look to your vines and creepers. For agricultural purposes, trellises with bigger and more robust heavy frames are used. Wood and bamboo are the ideal choice as metals will usually heat up and affect the growth of the vines. This in turn harms the production as well. So it’s very important to decide why you need to install trellises as they need to serve their purpose of providing a beautiful landscape. 

What plants to grow: For gardening and ornamental purposes, metal trellises are the ideal choice. Gardeners usually grow delicate and tender climbing plants like climber roses and morning glories that are small and ornately designed.

The type of setup where the trellis is to be used: Whether it’s a big farm, a green house to grow vegetables and fruits or a personalized garden, a trellis establishes an all purpose framework. Before using a trellis, try to determine the growth of the plants. For example, bougainvilleas grow in profuse bunches and to set them up in a place where it catches the attention of everyone like the entrance to your home, use a long, metal trellises. The bougainvillea is sturdy and has a woody stem so it will go well with a metal trellis. 

Design and Personalization: It’s important to understand that after functionality, it is the concern of whether the installation of trellises will look good enough for your home’s decor. You may have an Asian themed garden and may prefer an Oriental look. In that case, choose the type of plants and trellis design you prefer. Don’t improvise on your garden’s looks in this regard. Trellises are no longer used just to support plants but are also used to accent a certain area of your home and also provide a canopy for shade. Wooden panels which form trellises will help you rest under the sun and also provide a chic look. To find an ideal trellis design, hire a landscape designer to help you customize and get the job done efficiently.