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Tips for Garden Pruning

An essential gardening skill that homeowners must learn is pruning. The what, where and how questions regarding ways to prune your garden is a must know to encourage healthy growth in trees, flowering plants and also in enhancing their look. It helps to prune plants at the right time and in their seasons as some are best prunes right after flowering and some during the winter. There is however no other gardening chore that strikes fear into the hearts of gardeners than the idea of pruning plants. But if done correctly, pruning can be one among the most satisfying of gardening tasks because the effort which comes out of the results will be spectacular. Pruning will definitely yield good results like lush foliage, abundant flowers and healthy looking fruits and vegetables. 
For whatever type or variety of plants you have in your garden, the first thing to do is to determine if you have the best tools for the pruning job at hand. Clean and sharp tools are cruc…

Questions to ask your Landscaping Contractor

The biggest decision you can ever make in regard to renovating your landscape is whether it is feasible and worthwhile to hire a landscaping contractor for the job. Selecting a professional and reputable contractor can be quite a daunting task as there are so called landscaping companies that promise to offer quality landscaping services just because they have the equipment, but only fail to deliver resulting in loss of money and disappointment for you. You may even spend more than you bargained for.  
Before taking the giant leap into a full fledged project, you need to ask yourself some questions to help you determine if you are really serious about landscaping your outdoor space. Firstly, will the company be willing to take a landscaping project within my budget and justify my needs however big or small?Secondly, what would be the kind of landscaping required based on my lifestyle?Thirdly, what kind of services will the company offer in terms of …