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The most effective methods to control Dandelions

A perennial plant with broad leaves that grows in any type of soil with full sunlight is the Dandelion. During the early spring season, new sprouts emerge from the taproot which is around 2 to 3 feet in depth in the soil. Dandelions produce yellow flowers that grow and mature turning into white puffballs which contains numerous seeds. These seeds spread to other lawns by floating in the wind. These plants usually disappear during the fall season but the taproot survives as it is embedded deep in the soil and starts the whole cycle again in spring. Dandelions do have benefits as they are used in herbal medicine and the young leaves are eaten for its nutritive value. However they are considered to be weeds by most people and the root must be killed to keep them out of the yard. Controlling or eradicating dandelions from your yard can be a big job and it can also become an obsession with some homeowners. 
The best way to keep dandelions out of the yard is to kill the main r…

Basic Landscaping Ideas for Side Yards

The side yard is the transition zone for a residential property which links the house to the landscape. It is sometimes the most neglected space in your garden or yard and can be renovated for an attractive appearance. A side yard which is narrow and long in nature might present a design challenge. If you need some ideas to change the way it looks, ask yourself a few questions before beginning any landscaping project on your side yard. The first question to ask is whether you will be using that area as an important path for getting from one location to another in your property. The second question is if the side yard area is wide enough to be used for purposes like planting or installing a pathway/walkway. 
If you have undertaken landscaping for your front and back yard, then you can link both these areas with a well-done up side yard. Follow these simple landscaping ideas to make full use of your side yard and give it the credit it deserves.
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