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Building a tennis court in your backyard…Possible?

A professional tennis court would be the ideal investment for your backyard if you are an avid tennis enthusiast. The advantage of building a tennis court is that you can play any time of day. You can also invite guests and friends over to chill out in your garden and play a couple of sets. Make sure that you choose a proper court design and surface based on your climatic conditions before investing. A well designed, constructed and properly maintained court will be a good investment for your home and bring you years of enjoyment as well.
First determine the amount of space needed for building a tennis court. A tennis court should have additional space on all sides so that players can freely move and run. So the available playing area should be 120 feet long and 60 feet wide. 
The surfaces of tennis courts vary dramatically based on climate, usage, soil type, location and available materials to determine the right playing surface. You can choose four different types of surfa…

Best trees for your front yard if your home is in Northern California

Trees can live for many years, up to decades or even centuries depending on the type of species and the location where it’s planted and nurtured. Not many will match a tree to a correct site and a decision done in haste will often lead to a lifetime of regret. Trees can be a really good investment as it grows to be beautiful and strong generation after generation, but it also has the potential to give a lot of problems by dropping bothersome sticks/leaves or messy fruit. Planting trees in a yard or garden can appeal to the aesthetic value, practical/functional benefits and the role it plays in every family’s memoirs. 
For example, if you plant evergreen trees on the north and west sides of your outdoor space, it will reduce heat and offer windbreaks. If you plant deciduous trees on the east, west and south sides of your property, it will provide shade during summer and shed leaves during winter to allow the sun to shine through in the cold weather. It plays a huge role i…