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Spring is a great season to start your vegetable garden

Do you regard gardening as a hobby or a duty you can’t seem to get out of? Ever wondered what your garden looks like from an outsider’s point of view? Does it have beautiful flowering plants, trees, a lush green lawn and other landscaping features? Whatever you may have in your garden, you will always have some questions unanswered when it comes to taking care of it month after month in every different season.
Fortunately, you have answers right here like choosing the right plants to fertilizing, watering, maintaining the landscape and protecting it from pests. Having a beautiful looking garden does not come easily without time and effort. Some homeowners find it difficult to devote some of their leisure time to their gardens, which in turn will consequently suffer from lack of care and maintenance. However, with a little time and effort the resulting look of your outdoor space can achieve great results. 
Here are five important tips listed below to help you maintain your g…

Fast Growing Trees of California

Have you ever planted a sapling and waited and waited for it to grow quickly just so that it provides shade and a wonderful ambience for your garden? You can add some cool and comforting beauty to your landscape by planting trees in strategic spots in your yard or garden. Trees provide for screening, shade and ornamental beauty all throughout the year. Experts say that slow growing trees stay stronger and live longer. So most of us who would like trees that gain height and fill out fast will most probably possess qualities that will render it a weakling or pest. If you would like to plant a tree that will grow the right way without damaging your landscape or house, choose ones which provide for your garden or yard in different seasons, six to seven years after planting. Soil that contains adequate nutrients and moisture is optimum for the growth of trees. So it’s important to choose saplings that you can enjoy for the short and long term. 
There are a few list of tress whi…