Get rid of garden moles the easy way

Every year in spring, there are many American homeowners who will begin their annual battle against one particular lowly animal. You maybe an animal lover, but it can get frustrating to watch a mole tear up your beautiful garden or yard which you had taken pains to develop over the course of the year. They are very good at hiding and will make tunnels in various spots that will completely destroy the look of your garden or yard. You must take care of the problem immediately or the damage is sure to continue. Moles don’t eat plants but only earthworms and grubs. The damage done by a mole is very evident as their tunneling in pursuit of worms and small insects will detach the roots of your grass, expose soil to the growth of weeds and of course leave a very lumpy looking lawn. Moles will leave shallow surface ridges or small tunnels as well as mounds of dirt above the grounds surface with visible holes in the center. The main reason they make a home in your outdoor space is because they have been driven or crowded out by other constructions elsewhere. They are woodland creatures and a development in their habitat forces them into our space. 

So how do you get rid of moles from your garden or lawn the easy way? Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind in case you find these critters in your home:
  • Never overwater your lawn – So many homeowners do the mistake of overwatering their garden and find that they are attracting moles and not their neighbors. Moles are water animals, so it’s natural that they like wet soil. It’s relatively easier for them to dig and food is also available for them all the time.
  • Castor oil sends moles scurrying elsewhere – This all-natural product never harms moles and it also very good for the lawn. By spreading the granules over badly affected areas, you can dictate the direction you want the animal to go. You should water the area well to activate the scent. Another important point to remember is to start spreading granules from a point farthest from the spot where you want them to leave. This process is called herding. Cover one-third of the starting point of your yard with granules and water well. A few days later, cover the next third of the area and few days after that cover the remaining portion and water well.
  • Get rid of tiny grubs – It is almost a 100% certainty that you have grubs in your garden soil if a mole has moved in.
  • Buy traps and place them in areas where the mole is active – For a mole trap to be successful, you need to find the mole’s active tunnels or simply put the areas where it is most active. You can check by jumping on the center of the tunnel. In another 24 hours, you will find that the animal has rebuilt that particular area. The traps need to be checked daily and the animal should be removed once it is caught.
  • Flood the mole out of the tunnels – Once you have found the active tunnel, you can place the end of a hose pipe into it and turn the water on so that you can watch for the animal to escape.
These small critters can cause a lot of damage and you will know for sure if it is a mole by witnessing the damage they do to your outdoor space. You have perhaps invested a lot of time, effort and money in preparing your home – to simply look beautiful or for the market in the long term. Let not the moles waste your efforts.