5 tips for taking care of your garden

Do you regard gardening as a hobby or a duty you can’t seem to get out of? Ever wondered what your garden looks like from an outsider’s point of view? Does it have beautiful flowering plants, trees, a lush green lawn and other landscaping features? Whatever you may have in your garden, you will always have some questions unanswered when it comes to taking care of it month after month in every different season.

Fortunately, you have answers right here like choosing the right plants to fertilizing, watering, maintaining the landscape and protecting it from pests. Having a beautiful looking garden does not come easily without time and effort. Some homeowners find it difficult to devote some of their leisure time to their gardens, which in turn will consequently suffer from lack of care and maintenance. However, with a little time and effort the resulting look of your outdoor space can achieve great results. 

Here are five important tips listed below to help you maintain your garden yourself without too much time, effort and money.

Choose the right plants and trees

The first step to starting a gardening project is to become familiar with the flora and fauna around you. If you don’t choose the right kind of plants or trees, your garden may become messy and rather unkempt in appearance. Specific types of plants require special attention when it comes to watering and pruning. So knowledge of maintaining them requires a conscious effort. You need to consider what plants will grow well in your garden by taking the weather and location into consideration.

Positioning plants and trees is also vital for the overall appearance as taller plants can overshadow smaller ones or even eradicate them if not planted the right way. It is also beneficial to choose a nutrient soil for planting so that they grow and flourish all year long.

Composting a garden 

There are many methods you can use to make your garden blossom and one such way is to compost it. It may take some initial hard work from your end but the abundance of benefits you get is worth it. Composting is considered as ‘black gold’ as it increases the quantity of nutrients available in the soil for the plants and trees.

If you are willing to care for your garden by composting it as suggested, then your plants are sure to grow healthy and live longer. You can make your own compost by using a mixture of green organic material like fruit rind, lawn clippings and brown organic material like dead leaves, manure and twigs. Add water to the mixture as moisture is important to support the composting process.

Buy good quality gardening tools 

Keeping your garden looking beautiful throughout the year depends on a little investment like buying good quality gardening tools. You can organize and develop a good technique to do the right things at the right time. This may take a bit more of your time but once the basics are understood then it becomes easier in the future.

To start off, you can buy the right kind of equipment which comprises of spades, hoes, pruners, rakes and a sturdy wheelbarrow. Always buy the best gardening tools you can afford as there is no substitute for quality. If you buy cheap equipment that are half the price then they will last for very little time and will not be cost-effective in the long run. Also if there is project at hand, they may fail to deliver when you need them most. 

Pay attention to the soil 

Of all the things that make up your garden, the soil is considered to be the most important component. The healthiness of the soil is generally evaluated on texture and fertility, the former being the size of the soil particles and their consistency and the latter being the combination of essential nutrients and a pH that makes it available for the trees and plants. To promote deeper rooting and help the grass and plants to stay healthy, aerification must be done to create more air space in the soil.

Airing the soil is an important task for garden care. During dry, hot spells, it is essential to water your lawns and plants. The best time to do so would be early in the morning or late in the evening. For maintaining healthy plants and luscious lawn, watering and airing the soil plays a crucial role in preventing your garden from wilting and drying up.

Protect your garden from pests

Controlling garden critters is necessary especially if you don’t want to use chemicals to eradicate them. Garden pests just love the gatherings of their favourite foods which may be your flowers, plants or vegetables and fruits. It's about striking that crucial balance between protecting your garden and the environment. To encourage natural biological control you can use organic substances to manage pests. Strong smelling substances like tobacco, garlic rhubarb are used to repel insects. Many plants give off natural odors which many bugs and insects find unpleasant to thrive in.

You can spray concoctions made from these plants in certain areas. Chillies, salt, kerosene or methylated spirits will also burn and kill pests. To suffocate soft-bodies pests, use vegetable oil, mineral oil and other proprietary oils. A mixture of soap, detergent and water can be sprayed in small amounts so that they stick to plants and repel insects. Physical barriers like traps, netting, plant collars, etc. are also useful in deterring pests.