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Get rid of garden moles the easy way

Every year in spring, there are many American homeowners who will begin their annual battle against one particular lowly animal. You maybe an animal lover, but it can get frustrating to watch a mole tear up your beautiful garden or yard which you had taken pains to develop over the course of the year. They are very good at hiding and will make tunnels in various spots that will completely destroy the look of your garden or yard. You must take care of the problem immediately or the damage is sure to continue. Moles don’t eat plants but only earthworms and grubs. The damage done by a mole is very evident as their tunneling in pursuit of worms and small insects will detach the roots of your grass, expose soil to the growth of weeds and of course leave a very lumpy looking lawn. Moles will leave shallow surface ridges or small tunnels as well as mounds of dirt above the grounds surface with visible holes in the center. The main reason they make a home in your outdoor space i…

5 tips for taking care of your garden

Do you regard gardening as a hobby or a duty you can’t seem to get out of? Ever wondered what your garden looks like from an outsider’s point of view? Does it have beautiful flowering plants, trees, a lush green lawn and other landscaping features? Whatever you may have in your garden, you will always have some questions unanswered when it comes to taking care of it month after month in every different season.
Fortunately, you have answers right here like choosing the right plants to fertilizing, watering, maintaining the landscape and protecting it from pests. Having a beautiful looking garden does not come easily without time and effort. Some homeowners find it difficult to devote some of their leisure time to their gardens, which in turn will consequently suffer from lack of care and maintenance. However, with a little time and effort the resulting look of your outdoor space can achieve great results. 
Here are five important tips listed below to help you maintain your g…