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Making sure your Landscape is a good investment

To give your home a sense of place, value and some curb appeal thrown in you need to professionally landscape your outdoor space. This is a sure fire way to a quick resale and adds a very good first impression, which gives you a 20% edge over rival home sellers in the real estate market.
The American Society of Landscape Architects otherwise known as ASLA suggests that homeowners invest about 10% of their residential property’s value in landscaping. Landscape architecture and design goes way beyond just planting trees, shrubs or flowering plants and includes hardscaping and softscaping features like fences, pathways, landscape lighting, fountains, decks, walkways, patios and the like. A landscape designer can work with to create a practical and functional outdoor space that meets your needs and your lifestyle. Most homeowners take help from a professional landscaping company to undertake landscaping projects for their outdoors. If you would like to make sure that your pro…

After-winter care tips – Landscape Maintenance

The harsh winter weather could have ravaged your beautiful green yard which you had lovingly and diligently maintained last summer. But don’t lose heart just yet! There are always solutions to undertake yard maintenance after the cold season. Don’t expect a lush green lawn at first. You should work with Mother Nature in aiming for a healthy and beautiful looking landscape in the days to come. Some of the steps that can be taken for after-winter care are listed below: Cleaning - Winter can really cause problems for your landscaping so make sure that items like logs and tree branches aren’t left on the lawn during winter. Bacteria will breed on them and can completely kill off the lawn during that period. To bring back life and vitality to your outdoor space, you need to do some “cleaning” of your yard or garden with a leaf rake. Add a thin layer of good quality lawn soil without compost before reseeding the area as it may be too heavy or waterproof the surface area of the law…